Ensure safety and compliance by using
the best solution available... Reynodual

Reynodual Non Combustible Cladding
The Ultimate Protection: Non-Combustible

Reynodual is the only coil-coated double sheet aluminium panel in todays' market. Reynodual has been tested and approved by the CSIRO for use when a 100% non-combustable material is required.

Reynodual Non Combustible Cladding
Inferno-Lite® Fire Resistant Glazing

Inferno-Lite® Fire Resistant Glazing combines fire resistance protection with a wide range of laminated security products for both forced entry and ballistic protection.

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The use of inferior and non-compliant cladding products can put you at an increased risk of exposure.

When planning for your next project you should use products that are tested and approved.

Reynodual has been tested and approved in accordance with AS1530.1 and AS5113

Don't let your money go up in smoke!

The recent Lacrosse fire in Melbourne is a serious warning for consumers about the use of non-compliant products

Those of us that have been around for 30 years or more have never seen a fire develop in this way. We never expected to see a high rise fire, particularly one in a new building that would spread so quickly from the eighth floor to the 21st floor. - DAVID YOUSSEF, DEPUTY CHIEF OFFICER, METROPOLITAN FIRE BRIGADE
It endangers the public, it increases the chances that someone's going to be killed or someone's going to be seriously injured and that's a concern for everybody. - MICHAEL O'CONNOR, CONSTRUCTION, FORESTRY, MINING & ENERGY UNION